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Welcome to the Centraal Museum Utrecht. There is an audiotour available for the exposition Rietvelds Masterpiece

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Public wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available to visitors of the Centraal Museum and the dick bruna huis, free of charge. The network is available throughout the building. How to access the network: - Turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone or laptop (how to do this depends on your device) - Select network ‘CMU-Publiek’ - Username: CMU-Publiek - Password: centraalmuseum (note: case sensitive)

wifi network: CMU wifi
Password: Welcome!

A free headset is available in Expo 5


Centraal Museum Utrecht

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This tour was produced by Publiek & Informatie, Centraal Museum Utrecht

Technical production: Fabrique

Special thanks to:

Daniel Hentschel (Danibal), Véronique Konings, Sebastiaan Pos, Catrien Schreuder, Kris van Veen, Sophie Heijkoop en Studio De Keuken, Amsterdam English audio:

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